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Home » Projects » Project List » Pulsating water jet as an orthopedic technique without thermal and mechanical damage of large joints
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Pulsating water jet as an orthopedic technique without thermal and mechanical damage of large joints




Removal of bone cement during revision arthroplasty is a very important factor of this surgical technique. More than 20% of all arthroplasties will need to be revised due to aseptic loosening, recurrent dislocation, infection or periprosthestic fracture. Revision arthroplasty has less favorable outcomes than primary. The removal of bone cement from the femoral canal extends over certain amount of time, which heightens the risk of complications, i.e. the risk of bone damage and even the danger of unsuccessful reimplantation of a new prosthesis. During reimplantation, materials and biomaterials with specific mechanical properties are processed by oscillation saw, hammer, chisel, punches, etc. It often causes complications of ther¬¬mal and mechanical bone damage, detritus, femur perforation and micro¬fracture, bone loss and loss of mechanical integrity with negative financial and social impacts. Therefore, new revision instrumentation is needed. Application of a pulsating water jet (PWJ) represents one of the approaches for development of a technique which will eliminate the aforementioned problems. Advantages of the PWJ, i.e. athermic effects, selectivity, tool diameter, application over small areas, enable its use in medicine. Despite the considerable advance in PWJ applications, we are fully aware of problems related to its application. With the project support, new knowledge which opens new frontiers of innovations for successful research solutions will be acquired. The overall aim is to develop and implement a surgical technique for orthopedic revision surgeries, which compared to usual techniques doesn´t damage human tissue and has limited traumatic effect. This technique is based on pulsation water jet (PJW). Using water jet represents one of the options to develop secure, quick and cheapest technique when comparing classical common techniques.

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