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Home » Projects » Project List » SAFERA project - Smart Process INdustry CranEs - SPRINCE
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SAFERA project - Smart Process INdustry CranEs - SPRINCE


Participation of Serbia in cooperation with Italy and Czech Republic

Cranes are the most dangerous equipment in industrial and construction sites. A tipped, dropped or mishandled load can directly injure workers or potentially upset the equipment. Their dangerousness has special relevance in the chemical process industry and intermodal transport, where accidental events could cause the release of hazardous substances. The SPRINCE project is based on the idea that crane accidents caused by obstructed view and visual tension problems are preventable, thus it promotes a real-time computer-aided visual feedback and gives its assessment. In this frame the project aims to find the best platform which can improve the positioning phase performance of industrial cranes by offering high execution speed, ease of integration, low cost, low power consumption, less computer memory and good support with precise position visual guidance (video tracker with web cameras) used to navigate the object into the correct position.

The basic methodology of SPRINCE comprises: (1) the implementation of a real-time object detection solution to industrial cranes; (2) the development of a risk indicator tool for the implemented solution; (3) the application of the innovative indicator tool; (4) the economic appraisal expected to show that internal rate of return is above the relevant average weighted interest rate and the payback period of investment is less than three years. SPRINCE aims to give and test innovative solutions for smart cranes resulting in a higher quality of safety, health and environment and lower societal costs.


3D model of Smart Process Industry Crane