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1 GRENDEL - Green and Efficient Danube Fleet (DTP2 - 052-3.1.-GRENDEL)
2 Device for dispensing and conservation of wine – in cooperation with PORT-TR company
3 Serbian Crop Machine - cooperation with the SRMA-ZIP company
4 Fruit picker"Kokan 500S" - cooperation with the BSK company - Obrenovac
5 Floor convector - cooperation with Termovent commerce
6 Device for measuring of steam humidity
7 Friction stir welding of aluminium alloy T-joints technology - cooperation with equpiment and machine factory GOŠA FOM
8 Modulary heat exchanger (HEX) - cooperation with MONT ltd
9 Information system for Belgrade energy (ISEB)
10 The E-learning project - cooperation with SGM Solutions from Berlin
11 SAF€RA - Coordination of European Research on Industrial Safety
12 SAFERA project - Smart Process INdustry CranEs - SPRINCE
13 NATO SPS G4738 - Enhanced portable energetically self-sustained devices
14 Project DanuBioValNet - biobased clusters
15 Measurement of reliability in inland navigation along the Danube fairway
16 Pulsating water jet as an orthopedic technique without thermal and mechanical damage of large joints
17 Enterprise Europe Network
18 IT-supported Environmental Management
20 E!8029 SEEDO
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