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Fruit picker"Kokan 500S" - cooperation with the BSK company - Obrenovac


The project which was conceived and realized in cooperation with the BSK Obrenovac company, "KOKAN 500S" possesses a unique, innovative technology of air picking, which, by immitating a storm, which flows through the fruit-bearing branches using controled velocity air. In this way, only ripe fruit is picked, without damage and physical contact with the plant itself, in a natural way.

Air picking technology was actively developed since 2002, and was confirmed by picking raspberries, blackberries and blueberries at plantations in Arilje, Brus, Duvaniste, Majur, Djurdjevu, as well as abroad, at raspberry plantations in Chile, near Santiago.

Apart from providing a significant advantage over hand picking, since it can replace 60 workers, it also increases the yield, prevents the occurrence and advancement of diseases, this revolutionary device for fruit picking complies with all food safety standards. In addition to BSK Obrenovac, the development of this picker was finance by the Innovation Fund, and is the winner of the prestigious award for innovations, "Aurea"



Berry picker „Kokan 500s“


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